Colors of Tomato

How many times you have been into a situation that is “not good enough, but not bad enough to leave”? It could be in different forms like in personal relationship, or in a career move…etc. What would most people do?

If this is about career, I think mostly people won’t have much doubts about to prepare for the better opportunities, and when the right time comes, people would make the change without any emotional attachment. However, what if this is about personal relationship? Won’t be more complicate and harder to solve the puzzle? Most common option, he/she would start look around for better one, then called it end when he/she falls for the new love. Or another option could be, he/she starts picking on each other, and starts on unreasonable flight, or seek for any excuses to accuse one’s something that not even true, in order to make a less guilt trip to out of the relationship. The least common option, almost close to mission impossible, which is to turn the situation over, try to make things better to rebuild the connection at the emotional level. I am sure it takes lot of efforts, and it may still not work out.

While I was reading “Marley and Me” , it inspires me that “When a situation goes bad, do you just quit and gave up, to abandon the one you used to love, used to share life’s ups/downs together with, or you would try every things possible to change…”


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