Colors of Tomato

What a surprise? I just find out that one of favor my childhood artist is here in Los Angeles. Takashi Murakami – the artist for Ginga Tetsudo 999,.
During my primary school years, I used to love Japanese cartoons, not only their amazing animations, but also their touching stories with unforgettable cartoon characters. Of cause, back then I did not pay any attention the artist name, but I do remember their cartoon character names.

I find out about Murakami MOCA 2007 exhibition from one of the banner on LA street sign, it was completely random. Then I heard couple of friends mentioned about him with his latest high/low expressionist art works. I got curious! So I decided to check it out today after work.

Here are to some photos from this exhibition:


I really fascinated by his latest sculpture work and the Budda series paintings. Quote from one of the Budda painting


“I open wide my eyes but see no scenery, I fix my gaze upon my heart.,2007”


et cetera