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{December 2, 2007}   Recharged after my vacation

Sunset at Costa Rica - Pacific Ocean Volcano AreanelManual Anotnio Beach

I am back from Costa Rica. It was a great experience after all, most of my friends enjoyed it a lot. Me? I got great memories, time spent with friends, remarkable conversations. Also, I like the beauty of it when you go travel, you not only sharing your 247 with you friends, but also meet random travelers around the world, they would share their travel experiences, their life stories…etc. Sometime, I may find myself amuse that able to pocket some of their good values in to mine. For example, I met a couple from Belgium, we did the canopy tour together, and we encourage each other to do the Tarzan Swing, after the tour, we meet for lunch and had some great conversation about the different lifestyle between Americans and Europeans. I admired that most of the European living in a very simple, structured life style but yet they are able to enjoy their life, care less about the unnecessary materialistic things, they are up to day with the technology, the trend of fashion or such and such. But they choose to keep thing simple and to the basic. That I do admire. Most of them got a month long vacation, they used to plan a 3 weeks trip travel to different side of the world, to explore, to share the moments together, and to gain different perspective in lives. Very charming and sweet!

This trip helps me to keep my thoughts in a positive way, there are few things in life are not perfect right now, or I am struggling with…but don’t look of excuses to give up, life could be still beautiful, it depends on which angle you looking at it.


What a surprise? I just find out that one of favor my childhood artist is here in Los Angeles. Takashi Murakami – the artist for Ginga Tetsudo 999,.
During my primary school years, I used to love Japanese cartoons, not only their amazing animations, but also their touching stories with unforgettable cartoon characters. Of cause, back then I did not pay any attention the artist name, but I do remember their cartoon character names.

I find out about Murakami MOCA 2007 exhibition from one of the banner on LA street sign, it was completely random. Then I heard couple of friends mentioned about him with his latest high/low expressionist art works. I got curious! So I decided to check it out today after work.

Here are to some photos from this exhibition:


I really fascinated by his latest sculpture work and the Budda series paintings. Quote from one of the Budda painting


“I open wide my eyes but see no scenery, I fix my gaze upon my heart.,2007”

et cetera