Colors of Tomato

{March 8, 2008}   Take a picture it last longer


These are my beatiful flowers,

They remind me some of my joyful days,

some of my unexpected suprises,

and some of my tearful moments.

Those moments never last long enough,

and it dies after a period of time.

Only the great memories remained.

It  last longer.



{February 13, 2008}   What is wrong with me?

What is wrong with me? This is one of the question I asked to my other self.

I am like most of the average female, like to have health, well being, and independence. Am I doing whatever I can to be a heathly well being lady?

Maybe not……Still smoking with my work buddies

Maybe not…..I am not execrising often enough.

Maybe not…..I am still not able to be focus about what I needed to do.

Maybe not…..I am allowing to too many disruptions in my life.

Those are my inner voices to myself. My another self try to communicate to me that I need to do something to fix it.

I set a list of new year resolution, just like most of the people did.

Where is the list? It is in my mind, discussing with my other self, my better self to come up with a plan.

A execution plan 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone!

{February 5, 2008}   My longest hour!

One of my friend’s posted his longest hour on his blog, and asked what is yours longest hour.

My longest hour is……every-night before I fall asleep, running different thoughts in my mind about my life.

My longest hour is ……studying time, trying for my post graduate degree which I have been procrastinated for long period of time.

My longest hour is……waiting in-line to check-in at LAX Tom Bradley Terminal, I couldn’t believed that USA a well developed country, it needs to such take a long time to check-in and go through the security screening. The 3 hours process is ridiculous.

My longest hours is……each time when I am flying back to LA from my Christmas and New Years vacations from home town in China. No sure why I need to fly back, to a place there is no one longing for me, a place that I am not sure if I could called it home. Just a place where I go to work, and I live at.

My longest hours is……my anticipation for something good and meaningful to happen.

The rest of my hours, as same as many of you,

I work, I live,

Day in, Day out.

So, What is your longest hour?

Photos of the neighborhood where I was born:

The Kitchen - Where my dad and mom used to prepare for meals during my childhood time Alley -where I was born

{December 2, 2007}   Recharged after my vacation

Sunset at Costa Rica - Pacific Ocean Volcano AreanelManual Anotnio Beach

I am back from Costa Rica. It was a great experience after all, most of my friends enjoyed it a lot. Me? I got great memories, time spent with friends, remarkable conversations. Also, I like the beauty of it when you go travel, you not only sharing your 247 with you friends, but also meet random travelers around the world, they would share their travel experiences, their life stories…etc. Sometime, I may find myself amuse that able to pocket some of their good values in to mine. For example, I met a couple from Belgium, we did the canopy tour together, and we encourage each other to do the Tarzan Swing, after the tour, we meet for lunch and had some great conversation about the different lifestyle between Americans and Europeans. I admired that most of the European living in a very simple, structured life style but yet they are able to enjoy their life, care less about the unnecessary materialistic things, they are up to day with the technology, the trend of fashion or such and such. But they choose to keep thing simple and to the basic. That I do admire. Most of them got a month long vacation, they used to plan a 3 weeks trip travel to different side of the world, to explore, to share the moments together, and to gain different perspective in lives. Very charming and sweet!

This trip helps me to keep my thoughts in a positive way, there are few things in life are not perfect right now, or I am struggling with…but don’t look of excuses to give up, life could be still beautiful, it depends on which angle you looking at it.

et cetera