Colors of Tomato

{February 5, 2008}   My longest hour!

One of my friend’s posted his longest hour on his blog, and asked what is yours longest hour.

My longest hour is……every-night before I fall asleep, running different thoughts in my mind about my life.

My longest hour is ……studying time, trying for my post graduate degree which I have been procrastinated for long period of time.

My longest hour is……waiting in-line to check-in at LAX Tom Bradley Terminal, I couldn’t believed that USA a well developed country, it needs to such take a long time to check-in and go through the security screening. The 3 hours process is ridiculous.

My longest hours is……each time when I am flying back to LA from my Christmas and New Years vacations from home town in China. No sure why I need to fly back, to a place there is no one longing for me, a place that I am not sure if I could called it home. Just a place where I go to work, and I live at.

My longest hours is……my anticipation for something good and meaningful to happen.

The rest of my hours, as same as many of you,

I work, I live,

Day in, Day out.

So, What is your longest hour?

Photos of the neighborhood where I was born:

The Kitchen - Where my dad and mom used to prepare for meals during my childhood time Alley -where I was born


Every year, I would like to visit a city/country where I never been. This year I am able to team up with couple of my friends to make a trip down to Costa Rica.

I am currently in preparation for my trip, confirming all the logistic about hotels, tours, transportation…etc, also need coordinate with my friends how to meet up for activities, since not every one would arrive at the same day.

It is quit a bit of work, but I am enjoying it. Couple years back I was a solo traveler, part of it because of my work, another part of it because it was much easier to travel alone, no agenda, no expectations, every time you may meet random local people in the strange country. You could learn from their culture, try to observe how they live their live. Very interesting years back then. Comment about me from my friends was “You so hard to keep in touch with! I don’t even know where are you on earth!” 😉

In this recent two years, I have changed, maybe I got attached to my local job, or maybe I got reconnect to my old friends, met new friends…etc. Now, I would value more about the quality time I spend with my friends and family. Try to build more memories with them, so that we could better related to each other, as we growth old…..we could laugh at each other from those happy/silly moments.

I am start counting down the days to my trip now! Sorry for those friends that couldn’t make it for this trip. There are many trips to come! 😉

{October 23, 2007}   Hello Blogger’s World

As I am typing my very 1st blog, my minds is running around with different thoughts. Should I write something related to my personal experience? or something more like from a third person point of view? Still haven’t decided yet. I guess I have to see whenever an idea comes in to my mind!

One thing, I would like to share today is a picture. A typical sunset view from San Diego facing the pacific ocean. I am not the photographer for this picture. It was captured by my little brother. It was a early Oct weekend, my family and I travel down to San Diego, my brother and I walked along the La Jolla Pacific Beach area. What makes this picture special to me, it was the memory with my family, time spend with my little brother, it brings out the character of this picture. 🙂

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