Colors of Tomato

{February 5, 2008}   My longest hour!

One of my friend’s posted his longest hour on his blog, and asked what is yours longest hour.

My longest hour is……every-night before I fall asleep, running different thoughts in my mind about my life.

My longest hour is ……studying time, trying for my post graduate degree which I have been procrastinated for long period of time.

My longest hour is……waiting in-line to check-in at LAX Tom Bradley Terminal, I couldn’t believed that USA a well developed country, it needs to such take a long time to check-in and go through the security screening. The 3 hours process is ridiculous.

My longest hours is……each time when I am flying back to LA from my Christmas and New Years vacations from home town in China. No sure why I need to fly back, to a place there is no one longing for me, a place that I am not sure if I could called it home. Just a place where I go to work, and I live at.

My longest hours is……my anticipation for something good and meaningful to happen.

The rest of my hours, as same as many of you,

I work, I live,

Day in, Day out.

So, What is your longest hour?

Photos of the neighborhood where I was born:

The Kitchen - Where my dad and mom used to prepare for meals during my childhood time Alley -where I was born


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