Colors of Tomato

{October 28, 2007}   My 1st real Halloween Party!

Yes, this is my 1st real Halloween Party! In the past, I had been to couple Halloween parties in the past, either I didn’t dress up for it, or I dressed up without a specific character, the mood just was right. But this year, I am a full spirit Geisha!

Again, I still don’t like the fact I have to drive around the town looking for a Halloween costume. Every single store was fully packed with people, you almost have to line up to take a look a costume, plus the cash register line was ridiculously long. I lost my patience right there.

Lucky, one of my girl friend has a Geisha costume from last year Halloween, she let me borrow hers for the party! What a relief for me! Then the rest is easy, I just need to pick up few cosmetics from the drug store… then I am done! Take a look not too bad right! I was able to get everything match up quit well!

While I am at the party, I was fascinated by those people dress up really nice, and very sexy. Some of them even look like a real character from those scary movie. I couldn’t help wonder, people enjoy Halloween that much is it because we could pretend some one we are not? Like an ordinary man/woman, once a year, or few hours can be a scary ghost, a super hero…or a sexy Geisha. I guess it is a nice break from reality!


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