Colors of Tomato

{October 28, 2007}   My 1st real Halloween Party!

Yes, this is my 1st real Halloween Party! In the past, I had been to couple Halloween parties in the past, either I didn’t dress up for it, or I dressed up without a specific character, the mood just was right. But this year, I am a full spirit Geisha!

Again, I still don’t like the fact I have to drive around the town looking for a Halloween costume. Every single store was fully packed with people, you almost have to line up to take a look a costume, plus the cash register line was ridiculously long. I lost my patience right there.

Lucky, one of my girl friend has a Geisha costume from last year Halloween, she let me borrow hers for the party! What a relief for me! Then the rest is easy, I just need to pick up few cosmetics from the drug store… then I am done! Take a look not too bad right! I was able to get everything match up quit well!

While I am at the party, I was fascinated by those people dress up really nice, and very sexy. Some of them even look like a real character from those scary movie. I couldn’t help wonder, people enjoy Halloween that much is it because we could pretend some one we are not? Like an ordinary man/woman, once a year, or few hours can be a scary ghost, a super hero…or a sexy Geisha. I guess it is a nice break from reality!


{October 23, 2007}   Hello Blogger’s World

As I am typing my very 1st blog, my minds is running around with different thoughts. Should I write something related to my personal experience? or something more like from a third person point of view? Still haven’t decided yet. I guess I have to see whenever an idea comes in to my mind!

One thing, I would like to share today is a picture. A typical sunset view from San Diego facing the pacific ocean. I am not the photographer for this picture. It was captured by my little brother. It was a early Oct weekend, my family and I travel down to San Diego, my brother and I walked along the La Jolla Pacific Beach area. What makes this picture special to me, it was the memory with my family, time spend with my little brother, it brings out the character of this picture. 🙂

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